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The REST Report - What The Bank Doesn't Want You To Know!

Find out what you REALLY qualify for in 48-72 hours!!!

The REST Report empowers YOU, the homeowner, to get approved for the loan modification you deserve. A third-party analysis tool, the REST Report takes the guesswork out of the loan modification process, and lets you as a homeowner know EXACTLY what you qualify for in as little as 48-72 hours. Empower & educate yourself by knowing NOW what you REALLY qualify for & what options are available to you today!

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Are You Tired Of Not Knowing?

Eliminate uncertainty and lift the weight off your shoulders.

  • Do you feel like your bank's fax machine is hooked up to a shredder? Wonder where all of your documents are going?
  • Have you been interested in applying for a loan modification or short sale, but not really sure what the best option is for you?
  • Tired of waiting 8-12 months for an answer from your servicer?
  • Have you been trying to obtain a loan modification and are still “under review” with your lender?
  • Have you been turned down for a modification, which you believe you SHOULD have qualified for?
  • Have you been denied because you 'failed the “NPV” test' and don't know why?

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Why The REST Report Gets Results

Streamline your submission. Stand out from the crowd.

Consider this: until now, every single person that has applied for a loan modification has done it the exact same way. They've sent in their hardship letter, pay stubs, tax returns, and application. Next, they sit back and wait, crossing their fingers and hoping the bank will give them a favorable review and approve their loan modification.

The challenge is, most people don't realize that the bank (servicer) stands to make up to 3-5 times as much by NOT approving your loan modification. It's the INVESTOR that benefits from successfully modifying your loan, NOT the bank. With the REST Report, you are showing UN-DENIABLE PROOF that the numbers make sense for the investor that owns your loan.